SuSTAINABILITY and social impact

pounds spent on electrical substation to reduce carbon emissions

Meals Donated


Carbon Emissions Reduced


The Bloomsbury Big Top has been working year on year on initiatives aimed at making their events more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One of the first steps The Bloomsbury Big Top has taken is to switch change their power usage resulting in a huge drop in the use of fossil fuels. Another key initiative that The Bloomsbury Big Top has implemented is a food waste reduction program. This includes working with caterers to reduce food waste and implementing composting and recycling programs for any excess food as well as donating any food wastage to local food banks. Finally, The Bloomsbury Big Top is committed to reducing their overall environmental impact by investing in sustainable event planning practices. This includes working with event planners to minimize the use of single-use plastics, promoting the use of reusable materials.

Overall, The Bloomsbury Big Top is making significant efforts to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly event venue. By implementing these initiatives, they hope to set an example for other event venues and encourage the wider events industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

85% Reduction in Fossil Fuels

We are now running our power from a power station meaning an 85% reduction in fossil fuel.

All Carpets are Recycled

All of the carpets at the end of event season are recycled.

Biodegradable Napkins

We get through a lot of napkins so we make sure that they are biodegradable!

Reduction in Linen

We have reduced the use of linen

Reduction in Plastics

We have reduced our use of plastics as well.

Food Waste Donated

We have partnered with local food banks to donate our food waste.

Wastage recycled

We recycle any and all of our recyclable wastage.

Stage Flats Recycled

Including our stage flats!


Featured on Sky News


The Awesome Team and Bloomsbury Big Top were proudly featured on the Sky News last year for our work with local charities and efforts on reducing food waste by donating leftover food to local food banks.


Awesome Green Initiatives

One Tree Planted

Awesome Guests contribute to the environment by attending an Awesome event as we work with One Tree planted. Restoring forests, creating habitats for biodiversity and making a positive social impact around the world.

Reducing our Footprint

We are incredibly proud to announce our investment in a new £250,000 electrical sub-station installed in Corams Fields in 2021 to reduce our carbon emissions by 95%

Reuse, Recycle

We use recyclable materials where we can throughout our venue – one example being recycling our carpets for conversion into toothbrushes, hairbrushes an other plastic and recyclable products.

Hunger to Change

Over the past few years following Government announcements attendances have somewhat decreased. Turning a negative into a positive, this provided us the opportunity to donate the unused food to various charities and food banks such as “Crisis at Christmas”

Charity Partnerships

London’s Premier

Event Venue

The Bloomsbury Big Top hosts a range of different event types from shared and exclusive Christmas parties to conferences and award dinners with our all in one event solution we’ve got you covered.